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Team C300 Staffer Ties Record With Eruption Pro Hybrid

Former Team USA and current Team C300 member ties USBC series record.
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2014 Samho Cup Results

The Samho Cup is a Korean event that is considered one of the major events every year.
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Lynda Barnes Takes ALL EVENTS TITLE at the Women's Championships

United States Bowling Congress Women's Championships at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center came to a close Monday as the final squad of the 2014 event stepped off the championship lanes.
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Shota Kawazoe Wins 2014 Round One Cup

Kawazoe wins 2014 Round One Cup using the Resurgence Fire a Columbia 300 International release.
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Team C300 Member Scott Norton Wins Regional In Pearl Harbor

Scott Norton took home his 6th PBA Regional Title by defending the PBA John Gonsalves Memorial West/Northwest Open
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Dave Wodka Wins PBA Kona West/Northwest Open

Dave Wodka secured his 18th PBA Regional Victory in Kona Hawaii at the PBA Kona West/Northwest Open.
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Team C300 Member Dave Wodka Wins His 17th PBA Regional

Dave Wodka wins his 17th PBA Regional at the PBA Earl Anthony West/Northwest Memorial Classic at Earl Anthony's Dublin Bowl
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Brian Gunn Wins His First PBA Regional Title

Congratulations to Columbia 300 Regional Staffer for winning his first PBA Regional Title at the PBA Security Federal Savings Bank Central/Midwest Championship!
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The Killer Leg Move Proves Bowling Is a Sport

Yes, bowling is a sport! This leg move from pro bowler Clara Guerrero and Self proves it. Learn how to do the challenging move below.
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Denmarks Thomas Larsen Wins Kuwait International Open for Second PBA Tour Title

Denmarks Thomas Larsen defeated Englands Dom Barrett, 208-205, to win his second PBA Tour title in the 11th Kuwait International Open Friday at Cozmo Bowling Center.
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